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Kailey Sarkisian & Adam Kniola — Minted

Kailey Sarkisian


Adam Kniola

Kailey Sarkisian and Adam Kniola

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Our Story

When Kailey and Adam first met it was love at first sight…. for one of them. They met at a mutual friend’s party at Pinheads that Kailey was cohosting. Adam wasn’t on Kailey’s original invite list, but thankfully he got a plus one with a mutual friend.

There was a lot of pick-up volleyball being played and eventually Kailey and Adam ended up on a doubles team together for several games. They ran the court with consecutive wins and didn’t lose a game all evening (which may have been due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed by their competitors, but that’s beside the point). While Kailey didn’t quite fall like Adam had, she did mentally note how good he was at the game and how well they played together.

Thanks to this mental note, Kailey and Adam began playing in volleyball tournaments together. It was at one of these tournaments that the injury of a lifetime provided an opportunity for their bond to grow. They had just finished their first game, of what was going to be several hours of play, when Adam mentioned how his Achilles was starting to hurt. Specifically, he shared that it felt just like his other one had when he originally tore it several years earlier. Kailey teased back that it was way too early to be complaining. Lo and behold at their very next game, Adam completely ruptured his Achilles after playing only a few points.

Adam was rushed out of the arena, went to the doctor, and ended up being scheduled for surgery several days later. He now had a six month recovery ahead of him. Kailey, feeling awful about her teasing and the severity of Adam’s injury, started to pay more attention to Adam. Since he was immobile and stuck to a couch, she began to talk to him more; discussing his surgery options, offering to grab groceries, and sending silly snapchat messages back and forth to pass the time. This small window of extra attention and communication enabled Kailey and Adam's bond to grow, and Kailey finally fell for Adam too.

They officially started dating in the beginning of 2021 and have been inseparable ever since. You can often find them in the gym at 5 AM, following Adam’s insane workout routines, or on the sand playing doubles and trying to perfect their game. And while they also do their best to keep their diet clean, you can also find them enjoying fancy cocktails (only with a boomerang clink first!), hunting down the best pizza in Indianapolis (for Adam), or the best donut (for Kailey), traveling, or enjoying hanging out with their best friends and family.

Kailey and Adam are beyond excited to express their love and marry each other in front of their families and closest friends. Their one wish is that you can join them to help make this wedding an unforgettable celebration.